Research trajectory


PhD Researcher


Nov 2018 – Present Lausanne, Switzerland
I have recently discovered that each neural network posseses a unique signature, its neural anisotropy directions (NADs), that encodes its preference to select certain features over others on the training data. My current research focuses on understanding the properties of these NADs and on exploiting them to improve the performance and reliability of deep learning.

Research Intern

Philips Healthcare Research

Jul 2017 – Oct 2017 Hamburg, Germany
As a research intern, I was involved in different projects related to computational medical imaging and fetal ultrasound. In particular, I was in charge of the development of different self-supervised deep learning algorithms for representation learning and medical image reconstruction.

Master Student

Delft University of Technology

Sep 2016 – Aug 2018 Delft, Netherlands
For my master thesis I carried out research on deep learning for multidomain graphs and on sparse sampling for inverse problems with tensors.

Research Assistant

Microwaves and Radar Group, UPM

Jul 2015 – Jul 2016 Madrid, Spain
During my time at the group, I developed a complete electromagnetic simulator for the mm-wave radar that the group was developing for airport security applications. In particular, we were one of the first groups to propose the use of 3D rendering techniques from computer graphics to accurately model the scattering from the human skin at the submillimeter band.


National Award for Excellence in Academic Performance (2nd Prize)

Most prestigious academic award for undergraduate students in Spain.

Best Graduate

Top student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science.

La Caixa Fellowship

One of the most prestigious international postgraduate scholarships in Spain. It provided complete funding of my master studies.

Best ICT Graduate

Best student among all students graduating at UPM in a degree related to Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


Top student of the Faculty of Telecommunications.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Yearly allowance to the top undergraduate students in Madrid.


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